Il has been planned to meet, on the whole, the principles of the Cistercian Monastery, where there is a strict relation between the harmony of spaces and the life led in it, in order to allow the community a life of unity for praying, working, welcoming.

The building is anyway foreseen
in several steps according to the effective possibilities and will match the community development.

The work pictures



A preliminary phase

The stage A and its annexes aims to allow:
- the sisters moving to Azeir where they can start living the monastic life according to the Rule of Saint Benedict.
- the possibility of a small welcoming activity in structures that are both complete and totally simple.

Annexed structures are planned around the main building called the “Small Monastery” (Monasterino). We specify the temporary and final destination of each of these structures; it will be given when the true and really monastery, or, at least, the first block will be built.

The building time for the first and second block will be linked in fund raising.

The total cost for this phase  is of Euros 496.000,00
(according to data related to Ottober 2009.)

These estimates were made before the global economic crisis. During the last months the cost of the living has increased in Syria too. Therefore we foresee an appreciable increase of the estimated expenses.

The “Small Monastery”


This will be the first structure to be built.
Its estimated cost is about
€ 235.000,00.
When this monastery will be built, it will become a welcoming centre for those who want to share moments of prayer, silence with the Community.


The annexes of the “Monasterino”
scarica pdf


If the Monasterino spaces will be inadequate owing

to the community’s as well as the  building’s growing
and if Providence will help us, we’ll be able to start the building of

First block of the definitive Monastery

The first block of the monastery will allow a suitable development of community life the chaplain father lodging, the welcoming guest area, while will be reserved, to the devotion only one temporary chapel.

Second block: The Church of the Monastery

The second block, It’s formed by the Church, which will allow to be living and visible sign of the monastic charisma in its peak, the liturgy celebration 

We sincerely hope to be allowed to build this block too within not too long time.



The monastery overall project
as it will be
in the future
when the third block
will be built too.




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